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Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm listening to my girls switch back and forth between giggling and arguing in the bathroom. They are "brushing their teef". Emma's already been out here once and asked me to take her shirt off since it was soaked. Some days I'm just too tired from stopping them from every little thing. Sometimes I just let it happen. Like right now. I know as soon as I go in the bathroom I will be greeted with the sight of a dripping Shiloh and another mess to clean. But I'll also get to see that piranha teeth smile of hers that I love! Sometimes I want to just let them be and have fun.

*** And then they do stuff like this:***

and this:

And then...somehow it's not so funny anymore.

This morning I packed up my little ducklings to go to the zoo on a whim. Steven called me at 8:45am and said, "It's really warm out, you should go to the zoo!" So I checked accuweather and sure enough, it said 75 today, sunny and windy. I love that it's always windy out here. I mean I LOVE it! It really puts me in the best of moods when I feel the wind on my face. It's like a little reminder that God's there, you know?
Since the weather is so fickle out here, I jumped on the chance to get the girls out in the sunshine and run some of there energy off (and keep them from destructive behavior as seen above.)
Here are some of my favorite pictures from our morning:

I just love this little girl!

Childrens petting zoo...

Getting sleepy...

That little lamb is only a week old. Aren't they the sweetest?

We had such a good morning. I love hanging out with my kiddos!

Since I love them so much I have been working on their room and trying to get it finished up. When we got our apartment ready before I had the baby, I was determined to use stuff we already had. I didn't buy a single piece of decor (with the exception of furniture, which was the plan before we left SC). I was just oh so proud of myself for sticking by my guns! Granted, I don't love everything, but I'm ok with that. We will not be living here forever.

So there were just a few too many things that needed a little extra work before the bedrooms could be deemed complete. And I could sleep at night. (Not that I'm getting any sleep right now anyway.) Keller has arrived so I no longer have the baby-could-arrive-any-day-now excuse going for me. Steven's mom will be here next Friday and sleeping with Shiloh in their room for the duration of her visit. Time to get to work!

Now, Steven has forbidden...vehemently from painting. Don't worry. I already tried that one on him when we first moved here. I have off-white walls in this apartment and since I am a neutrals-kind-of-girl anyway it really does work for me! We have a total of two bedrooms. The master and the kids. Since I will be putting Keller in with the girls when he's sleeping through the night, I have to make the girls room gender-neutral. This is totally fine with me since I'm not big into girly stuff - pinks and purples, princesses, and dress-up really do not define me or my girls. So, we are going with robin's egg blue and yellow. I'm totally into those colors right now. Here are the drapes I finished today:

The drape came from my PB clearance bins at the outlet. I believe it was $19.97, lined, and originally one 5o-inch wide panel. I cut it in half (vertically), stitched and hemmed it and added the ruffles from a clearance fabric from Tony's in SC. Here are the drapes hanging in our upstairs bathroom at our house in SC. This was after I cut them, but had not sewn or hemmed them.

I first got the idea from Emily with her nursery she did for her daughter, Audrey.
I love that she did not go the traditional pink route!


And also all the ruffles featured in Restoration Hardware's baby&child rooms:

Aren't these rooms oh so darling?!

I'm going to do my best to post updates on the girls' room throughout the week till it's completely done! And more thing will be checked off my list.

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At March 12, 2011 at 8:45 AM , Blogger GreenBriar Ranch said...

I had to chuckle at the mess the girls created. Kaitie did the same thing at about the same age as Emma. Powder everywhere! You are doing a wonderful job keeping balance in your life. Keep posting as you're able. It's a blessing!

At March 12, 2011 at 11:31 AM , Blogger Jordan Boesch said...

I've been forbidden to paint as well. ;-) I said "I'll paint it over in white when we move!!!" and still got a "no," so I'll have to live with the white. And I feel you about the messes...sometimes you just spend every day saying "no no no no no" and you sometimes just want to let them be. And then you find out that even though you thought they were sleeping they were actually pulling a memory foam pillow to little bits. =P Here's hoping they grow out of it?! =D


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