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Monday, December 19, 2011

We're Moving!!!

The past 48 hours I've been agonizing about this blogging thing.  Do you know that posting about my life, pictures of myself, writing what I feel is very NOT me?  As in, I have to step out of my normal skin and step into a world foreign to me to talk about myself and the stuff I do every day.

And I'm still not exactly sure why I do it.

My wedding day was one of the most nerve racking days of my life {along with bridal and baby shower days} because I hate attention.  Like, abhor it.  I can talk to you about anything one on one in real life.  But put me with a bunch of people?  I freeze.  Post pictures of me?  That's just weird. 

I could practically be Amish. 
I'm serious.

And blogging definitely attracts attention.  Good and bad.

So I reached a cross road.  What are the pros and cons to blogging and do I think I can continue with it?  I have a lot on my plate.  And I willfully do that to myself most of the time.

For months, Steven and I have been working, talking, designing things in our heads.  Laboring over the path to choose.

And I guess I chose.

Blogging it is.

Hubby and I have been collaborating {as in he does ALL the work while I tell him what I want and don't want} on a new website/blog called annapolis.

It's more me.

It'll be more professional.  As in, no pictures of me painting our house in my underwear. 

Yes.  I DID just say that.

But there's a couple things I want you all to know.  Because I love you.  Yes you, my readers.  I love all of you and having you here!

Annapolis will not be me spilling out my guts.  Annapolis will not be a place to know the real me.   {You can meet me over coffee for that one.}

It'll be a place to receive inspiration.  It'll be a place to see pretty things.  It'll be a place for me to experiment with my photography.  It'll be my creative side.  The story that needs to get told, that I've been suppressing for various reasons my entire life.

But I want you to know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that annapolis will exist for those reasons.  Please no - absolutely no - false impressions of me.  I am a real person.  We are a real family.  We have our ups and downs, our lazy and unproductive days, our messy and clean days, and our spirit-filled and spirit-quenched days.

I'm excited to enter this new phase of blogging.  And nervous.  There's lots and lots of changes and updates needing to be made over at the new blog.  We're working on getting tutorials and recipes switched over and updated and the content of the posts might be a slightly wacked for a little while.  But it's gonna be a fun ride!

The comments will be closed, but I'm considering getting my Facebook back again in order to keep up with my friends better.  I'll also be posting less.  My husband and kids deserve my attention first and I also want the content of my posts to be more professional, therefore requiring more work to get them that way.

Also, can I say a HUGE thank you to all of you faithful readers this year?!  I look back at my earlier posts and think, "What in the world did I think I was doing?"  I'm sure a year from now I'll be saying the same thing.  But you guys.  You all have stuck with me and my growing pains and I couldn't be more grateful.

Be on the lookout for a giveaway...I have to hit up Chick-fil-A craft time with my kiddos before I can get to that.  But it'll be over at Annapolis sometime today with rules and details following.

Love all of you guys,

mary beth

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