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for His pleasure: July 2011

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for His pleasure: July 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Getting Settled

I'm here to check in and tell you that the move went extremely well, thanks to flexible kiddos, awesome Stevo, and very kind and gracious friends.

There's just nothing fun about moving. I mean, look at this picture:

If that doesn't make you want to move, I don't know what will.

In case you didn't know, it's been in the 100's here for like a month now.

So hot, It'll make you cry and definitely not good moving weather.

So, we {as in my smart husband and those really nice friends} moved mostly everything after dark and into the wee hours of the morning. Then, came back by early the next morning to finish the last load...

I know there's a lot of you in SC who would have helped had we not lived half way across the country. Just knowing you were thinking and praying for us, is simply so encouraging.

The kids really did do great. I'm convinced that when I worry about whether they will behave, they turn on the sweet show.

Just to spite me.

When I think I've planned our schedule in perfect accoradance with feedings and nappings, they turn on the sour show. {Target and Sam's this morning was one such show.}

But really. They showed no signs of transitional stress. Instead, they devoured the Panera during our "picnic breakfast" on the floor on moving morning.

Shiloh found the perfect high chair in our jogging stroller.

We're totally out of wack here and in the midst of setting up house in our new home...and lovin it! Keller is finally in a crib and sleeping much better, which gives me much-needed rest in my huge haven-of-a-bedroom. The girls have space to act their crazies out - and I DO mean crazies.

The neighborhood is quiet and perfect for young families. We have awesome sidewalks all throughout the neighborhood and Emma and I are training for her 1-mile Fun Run at the Y in Spetember. She is my early bird and loves to come in and wake me up to remind me that it's time to get outside and walk/run. If you need a personal trainer, I highly recommend her.

On second thought, she's good at getting you out the door, but don't expect your heart rate to stay up. Every bird, leaf, and bug will cause a break in your routine.

If you need a merry maid, she's stellar at that too...

I'm serious! While she's not perfect, I sure am thankful for all of her help to me in general, but especially with all the cleaning that comes with a move.

What kid volunteers to clean around the house???

Somehow I got one and I feel tremendously blessed.

I'm feeling a good overwhelmed at everything that needs to be done these days. It's nice to turn on the creative side of my brain and figure out colors, textures, patterns, and design. Its not nice to know that this is still a rental and it is not my job to paint the front door and shutters or tile the bathroom. Although, I'm super tempted, so don't be surprised if I show you before and after pictures! It must just be the renovation blood still in me.

The kiddos have been doing this...

and this...

...while I slowly but surely clean and unpack.

I've managed to get the kitchen almost complete, aside from a little organizing of the pantry.

Cooking our first meal in our new home:

And I bought a ripped open throw pillow on clearance at TJ Maxx last night, if that tells you I'm up to no good. :-) We don't have much budgeted for "new house stuff" so I have to turn on the resourceful side of my brain. There's something so rewarding about using what you have or buying things on clearance that has the cashier's head spinning.

My goal is to have the sewing stuff unpacked and organized by tomorrow. It's been a whole week since I've sewn and that feels a little like going a week without diet coke for me.

And to finish this post on a random note: I am off of Facebook. Sorry to those of you who have been looking for me and haven't been able to find me. I've just seen no use for it anymore and realized my time could be better spent elsewhere. Please "follow" me {found on the right side} if you wish to keep up with me here on the blog.

I really would love to have you!

And here's a little tip. I'm not sure how I got it, but I have Google reader which allows me to "follow" other people super easy without checking to see if they've posted something new. It gives me a list of the blogs I follow and then shows all the most recent post updates...saving me precious time!

It really is genius.

I'll be checking my email more, so please please email me if you any questions or want to chat {found under the "About Me" tab up top.} Or leaving comments directly on here is an incredible encouragement to me, although I realize that some of you have said you're having issues being able to do that. My deepest apologies! I am no computer expert, but the only thing that comes to this brain is to try switching to a different "server" {I think it's called.} You know, like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. It's ok if you are laughing at this point.

I can't end this post without saying a big THANK YOU for reading my blog. While this blog was started with the intent to journal for my children, I have been overwhelmed by how many of you have said you read and leave encouraging comments along the way. I realize you take time out of your day to sit there and read my attempts to capture our life and bring inspiration to you. I really am deeply grateful. If we were sitting down in "real life" over coffee, I would give you a hug and tell you how God has used you to encourage me through your sweet words.


And consider yourself hugged. :-)

I'll be back sooner rather than later this next time!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

pink & gray

Pink and gray: my favorite color combo these days. I am a gray fanatic, but pair it with pink and it is just oh so lovely.
These burp cloths were made with love for some sweet friends who just had little girls.
And I just had to throw this picture in...
Guess whose little hand is swiping that burp cloth???


Just for fun, I browsed the web yesterday morning while the girls slept in {rare treat!} and found all these lovely pinks and grays everywhere!

~ Clicking on the pictures will take you to the source. Although, I had trouble with finding the link for the kitchen. My apologies. ~

Pink Puppy Pack Twin Pack Long JohnsBlack & Vintage Pink Fabric Circles NecklaceSage/Bright Pink Funky Tunic Top
mini boden and boden
Home sweet home
Jane-packer-tabletop-southern accents
Southern Accents, styled by Jane Packer

Jamie peep-toe booties
home exteriors - white columns gray siding pink purple hydrangeas  Elsa Soyars  Beautiful home exterior with crisp white columns, second story

Love it ALL!
Happy Thursday everyone!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Summery Invites

My little Shiloh is turning 2 next month. Hard to believe, but it's true. I wanted to do a fresh and summery theme on a strict budget. And this is what I came up with...
Watermelons are near and dear to our hearts around here. I grew up in Delaware with farm land all around. My grandparents owned a farm and one of their consistent crops each summer was watermelons. I have such fond memories of them coming to visit and bringing us 2 sometimes 3 or 4 of that delicious fruit.

The cost for these invites was about $4. I bought a kids' watercolor paint set for about $1.29 {which we can reuse} and some red envelopes {with lots still left} from Hobby Lobby for about $3.
After my crash course from Steven on the art of watercolor, he got the job of painting the watermellons.
I typed up the invitation in Word and put a border around it. I then used a triple stitch on my sewing machine to sew the green thread on top of the border. This attached the black gingham fabric to the back of the card stock. I thought it gave a nice border and added dimension.

I can't wait for the party! I have some ideas floating in my head, but can't get started on anything since things are packed away. 4 days and counting till moving day!

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Friday, July 15, 2011

A Little Tour {The Girlies' Bedroom}

If you thought I was stalling with those last two posts, you were dead right. But here she is, better late than never!
The room is so small, I had to take several shots just to get it all for you. And you'll see the girls themselves in and out of the pictures. Crazy ones they are!

Now for the details...

These birdcages came from Hobby Lobby and the one in the middle came from an antique store. The family tree frame (still needing to be completely filled) is one of my favorite things I own and came from the Pottery Barn outlet.
I spray painted this bird cage with a coat of yellow and then hand painted with a sample of this robin's egg blue color from Lowes. Next, sanded it all down to give it a worn look. I love how it turned out!
I debated on how I wanted to hang the cages. Then one day, it just hit me. In like a light bulb sort of moment. I bought metal question mark screws from Lowes and Steven screwed them into the ceiling. {He said I went a little overkill on the size and if he knew I just called them question marks I'd probably really hear it! :-)} I then used twine to hang the bird cages from the screws and sewed up these fabric covers from leftover material from the girl' curtains.
For a long time, I envisioned sewing these sweet little birds...
I finally fit it into my afternoon a couple of days ago. This project was short and sweet with some help stuffing from the girls and some hand sewing and embroidering from me and they were done in a jiff. I used mostly leftover fabric from the room. Tip: this bird's wing above came from an extra pillow sham I bought with the girls' bedding, just so I would have extra fabric to work with.
On top of their dresser rests this tree I spray painted. Using leftover scrapbook paper from Emma's invitations, I then cut out the birds. {Took literally all of 2 minutes.} I used tape to attach them.
This birdhouse was in the dollar bins at Target and originally bright pink. I spray painted it yellow and then attached scrapbook paper on the roof with adhesive spray.
To the left of the dresser, hanging on the wall by some handmade wire hooks hot glued on the back, is this bow holder...
I pretty much wung this project. I used cardboard, batting, fabric, and adhesive spray. You'll laugh at this I'm sure, but the strips of linen holding the hair things came from a favorite pair of Banana Republic linen pants I've had for years. Wore them to my wedding rehearsal so they're kind of sentimental. They got ruined by a pen that made its' way into my washing machine, but I'm happy to report they now have a new home!
The girls' bedding is from the Pottery Barn outlet. The comforters were each $19 and the pillow shams were $5 a piece.
The love bird pillows were made by me using a sheet my mom gave me and scraps of fabric I already had.
I don't have the slightest clue how to hand embroider, but I've been doing it and I'm kinda hooked!
These photo canvas frames were also made by me and I love em! I think they are the cheapest and cutest way to display your photos. I tried my hand at my first tutorial with them here.
The rocking chair was my first ever upholstery project. I write about it here.
The ABC clothesline was a project I did with Emma Claire right after I had Keller, if that gives you any idea how easy peasy it is.
Lots of people have asked me about it, so I'm thinking I might do a little tutorial about it. In the mean time, go here, for my inspiration.

And just to show you how much we really have pared down here...
...this is Keller's dresser!
Poor little guy has taken the brunt of most of our space issues here, but I'm happy to say he is getting his very own room in the new house!
It's going to be all boy - I can tell you that. :-)

Speaking of the new house, we move in next Saturday and I'm nervous but so so excited! I still drive by it almost daily, just to look at it.

That wraps up the apartment tour! You'll be getting a HOUSE tour soon, Lord willing!!!

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